Alpha/Omega - Revelation

1/10/2021 -

After starting with the first 11 chapters of Genesis, where many of the major doctrines we believe are found, this second half of the Alpha/Omega series now jumps to the end with an in-depth look a the book of Revelation. God desires for us to know what to expect in the last days, and therefore has given us His Word to study so that we will endure to the end. 

In This Series

  1. Why Teach Revelation?
  2. A Vision of Christ
  3. The Performance Driven and the Persecuted
  4. The Compromised and the Tolerant
  5. The Dead and the Dependent
  6. The Apathetic
  7. Worship in Heaven
  8. Only Christ
  9. The Beginning of the End
  10. After the Great Tribulation
  11. The Day of the Lord
  12. The First Two Woes
  13. A Powerful Messenger
  14. Certainty for our Sanity
  15. The Cast of Characters
  16. The Antichrist and False Prophet
  17. Faithful to the End
  18. The Grand Finale of Judgement
  19. The Finality of False Religion
  20. The End of the World as We Know It
  21. Raise a Hallelujah
  22. Yes and Amen
  23. The New Heaven and New Earth
  24. Get Ready!