Guest Speakers

1/1/2021 -

Periodically, BRAVE welcomes some wonderful pastors from around the world to share with us. When we have guest speakers, we invite them to share whatever God has placed on their hearts. During these weeks we will take a break from our expository series.

In This Series

  1. The Goodness of God in 2020.. and Beyond
  2. The Beauty of Obedience
  3. The Marriage Knot
  4. Be The Light
  5. Abiding in Christ
  6. The Willingness of Jesus
  7. Wave-Walkers vs Boat-Huggers
  8. My New Identity In Christ
  9. You Got This
  10. Rhythm of Rest
  11. Delight Yourself in God
  12. Follow Me
  13. Our Famous Last Worship
  14. It's A Big Deal
  15. Loving Through Betrayal
  16. Prayer: Taking Jesus at His Word
  17. The Gift That Changes Everything
  18. While You Wait
  19. Friendship
  20. Staying Low When God Lifts You Up
  21. The Price of the Promise
  22. Let's Get Audacious!
  23. 10 Simple Proofs
  24. Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats
  25. Your Exceeding Reward
  26. Transforming Character
  27. The Ultimate Return
  28. Is It Worth It?
  29. The Canon Test: A Study in the Divine Authority of the Word of God
  30. Your Most Strategic Investment: Why, How, and What to Pray for your Spiritual Leaders
  31. The Practical Reality of Unceasing Prayer
  32. Radically Powerful
  33. Abide
  34. A Cry for Revival
  35. The Lord Looks on the Heart
  36. The Savior Is Here
  37. The Church of Today
  38. Our Call as the Church
  39. Woe to You...
  40. The Play-Doh Message
  41. Three Things the Enemy Does Not Want You to Know
  42. You've Got What You Need
  43. Facing My Sin, Finding Freedom
  44. A Song, A Book and A Tent
  45. The Path To True Joy
  46. Go Forward
  47. Transformed Into His Likeness
  48. Unlikely Fighter
  49. Finding Hope in Hard Times
  50. The Beauty of the Lordship of Jesus
  51. Setting the Table for the Gospel
  52. Five Blessings in 2022
  53. Overcoming A Grasshopper Mentality
  54. Against the World
  55. 5 Handles on Prayer
  56. The Miraculous Gifts