Memoirs of a Prisoner of War (Philippians)

5/10/2020 -

Christians are a people who are at odds with the world. What we value, who we serve, and how we live our lives are in opposition to everything we see around us in our culture. Things weren’t much different in Paul’s day when he wrote his letter to the Philippian church. A fact made abundantly clear by the fact that Paul was in prison as he was writing to this young church. And yet in spite of the most difficult of circumstances, what we see in Philippians is a letter to press on in the work of the Lord, and in the end find contentment in serving Him with our whole lives.

In This Series

  1. Our Practice as a Pray-er
  2. Your Practice as a Proclaimer
  3. Your Practice as a Prophet
  4. Your Practice as a Pastor
  5. Our Attitude Towards Serving
  6. Our Attitude Towards Humility
  7. Our Attitude Towards Spiritual Growth
  8. Our Attitude Towards Significance
  9. Focusing on Your Fellowship with Christ
  10. Focusing on Finishing Well
  11. Our Thinking: Consumed with Joy
  12. Our Thinking: Consumed with Peace
  13. Our Thinking: Consumed with Contentment