Christians in Crisis: A Series in First Peter

3/10/2019 -

God has a design and purpose for all things that we experience. His blueprint for our relationships involves submission and authority, and in similar fashion we are called to trust God’s authority as we submit to suffering and trials in this life. The book of 1 Peter is a call to live faithfully by trusting in the loving plan of our heavenly Father. God knows what He is doing and we can trust Him because we are confident in His love for us. These truths are our hope in every storm.

In This Series

  1. Blessings for the Believer
  2. Praise God
  3. Rejoice Now
  4. Responding to the Gospel
  5. Continued Growth
  6. Gospel Blueprint
  7. Benefits of Submission
  8. Spirit-Filled Spouses
  9. Responding to Injustice
  10. Live The Gospel
  11. Choosing Suffering Over Sin
  12. Enlisted To Suffer
  13. The Role of Elders
  14. God's Perspective on Suffering