Stronger (1 Corinthians)

8/20/2017 -

Corinth was well known for its debauchery. And yet in the heart of a city famous for rampant sin and lawlessness the good news of Jesus Christ took root. The church in Corinth faced similar pressures from outside culture as we do today. The book of 1 Corinthians is Paul’s attempt to encourage these embattled believers to press on and live differently for the sake of the gospel. Filled with practical insight on Christian living and deep theological truth, 1 Corinthians is just as relevant to the church today as it was almost 2000 years ago.

In This Series

  1. An Overview of Ministry
  2. Battle Cry for the Believer
  3. Exhortations for a Thriving Church
  4. Death Defeated
  5. Our Resurrection Bodies
  6. The Resurrection Life
  7. The Good News in the Gospel
  8. Gifts Operating in the Church
  9. Striving for Spiritual Gifts
  10. Maximizing Your Gifting
  11. God's Kingdom Team
  12. Utilizing Spiritual Gifts
  13. The Heart of Corporate Worship
  14. Kingdom Authority
  15. Living In Liberty
  16. Walk Strong
  17. Engaging in Gospel Ministry
  18. Paying Your Pastor
  19. Understanding Christian Liberty
  20. Single and Satisfied
  21. Your Role in the Gospel
  22. God's Picture of Marriage
  23. The Cure for Immorality
  24. God's Design for Sexuality
  25. Handling Conflict with Other Believers
  26. Honoring God in the Church
  27. A Loving Father
  28. Arrogant Expert or Humble Servant?
  29. Wake Up!
  30. Making Ministry Count
  31. The Challenge with Carnality
  32. The Wisdom You Need
  33. Picking Your Pastor
  34. Boast in the Blood
  35. A Plea For Unity
  36. Know Who You Are
  37. How God Changes Culture